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Shortlisted for Best Playwright in the English Language for Nye & Jennie -

Wales Theatre Awards


Meredydd Barker was born in Pembrokeshire to a singer songwriter mother and a      

    craftsman father. To most he is known as Med. If he finds a room with a decent ambience he records himself singing his own songs. One day he may play them to other people; then again, he may not. 


One of his great passions is his role as Artistic Director of Narberth Youth Theatre. Med’s been very lucky in his education and in the array of inspirational people that he has worked with. Through NYT he is able to pass on what he has learnt to those to whom the future belongs. He feels even more blessed to

be able to learn from them. 


Med doesn’t believe in ghosts but he’s convinced that Liverpool is haunted. He used to live there, and in London for a time where he trained as a sculptor; but he now lives in Narberth with his wife and Springer Spaniel. His current projects include a series of love sonnets about a serial killer, and a novel set during the Cold War.

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