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Arts, Culture and Events Manager 


Suzanne was born in South Wales and works for Aneurin Leisure as Arts Culture and Events Manager.

Suzanne’s passion for the Arts, Culture and Heritage started after leaving Trinity College, Carmarthen. Deciding that teaching was not the profession for her, she embarked upon a career in Tourism working throughout Europe as a Tour Manager.


In 1991 Suzanne joined Local Government and worked at Llancaiach Fawr Living History Tourist Attraction, where she stayed for 13 years, initially as Lead Actor/Interpreter and finally as General Manager.

Suzanne then went on to Torfaen CBC where she worked in the Tourism Department as Director of Greenmeadow Community Farm, developing a future strategy for this award winning Tourist Attraction. 

Throughout this time Suzanne also completed consultancy work for several Heritage Centres and Tourist Attractions in the UK and Ireland in developing events and interpretation methods.


Suzanne is a fluent French speaker and in her spare time spends as much time in France as she can and still organises tours to different regions of France.  

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