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Aneurin Leisure is a community focussed charitable organisation based in the Heads of the Valleys region, delivering Leisure, Learning and Cultural Services in Blaenau Gwent.


Our business is delivered through a range of activities, operating out of sports centres, libraries, country parks, learning centres and a cultural centre/theatre.


As an organisation Aneurin Leisure is passionate about improving community life and in making a positive impact to people's lives by not only improving their physical health and wellbeing, but also their mental and social wellbeing.


The Arts, Culture and Events segment of the organisation manages arts activity and large scale events in Aneurin Leisure venues.  The focus of the arts programme is centred on The Metropole Cultural and Conference centre in Abertillery


Our activities are closely aligned to the Health and Wellbeing of Future Generations Act, working particularly to tackle mental wellbeing, dementia, obesity and diabetes in the region.

We deliver a quality, accessible and varied range of arts and cultural events and activities that will challenge, entertain and develop audiences of all ages providing opportunities to expand horizons and enhance life experiences.

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