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1897 Aneurin Bevan, the son of a miner, is born on the 15th November in Tredegar, Wales.


1904 Jennie Lee, the daughter of a miner, is born in Lochgelly, Fife, on the 3rd of November.


1910 Bevan leaves school and begins working in a local colliery. He becomes a trades union activist and wins a scholarship to study in London.


1926 The General Strike. Bevan emerges as one of the leaders of the South Wales miners. Lee graduates from the University of Edinburgh and becomes a teacher.


1929 Bevan is elected as the Labour member of parliament for Ebbw Vale. Lee is elected to the House of Commons as an ILP candidate representing North Lanark, thereby becoming the youngest MP in the land.


1934 Aneurin Bevan and Jennie Lee marry.


1940 Lord Beaverbrook, Minister of Aircraft Production, employs Lee in his department. She later leaves to work as a journalist for the Daily Mirror. During World War Two Bevan emerges as one of the leaders of the left in the House of Commons.


1945 In the General Election Lee wins the mining constituency of Cannock in Staffordshire. In the government formed by Clement Attlee, Bevan is made Minister of Health and is responsible for the introduction of the National Health Service.


1951 Bevan is moved to become Minister of Labour. Shortly afterwards he resigns from the government in protest at the introduction of prescription charges for dental care and spectacles. Bevan leads the left wing of the Labour Party, known as the 'Bevanites', for the next five years.


1955 Bevan stands as one of the candidates for party leader but is defeated by Hugh Gaitskell. He agrees to serve as shadow foreign secretary under Gaitskell.


1957 Bevan rejects unilateral nuclear disarmament at the 1957 Labour Party Conference and, by doing so, alienates many of his core followers.


1959 Bevan is elected deputy leader of the Labour Party, although he is already suffering from terminal cancer.


1960 Aneurin Bevan dies on the 6th of July.


1964 After the General Election, Lee is appointed Arts Minister and is responsible for what Harold Wilson later called the greatest achievement of his Labour Government, the setting up of the Open University.


1970 Lee retires from parliament and is created Baroness Lee of Asheridge.


1988 Jennie Lee dies on the 16th of November.

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