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Aneurin Bevan and Jennie Lee were comrades and flatmates who together fought and preached for socialism as they saw it; he the Tredegar firebrand on the Labour backbenches, she the miner’s daughter from Fife who became a Socialist MP before she was old enough to vote.


Then they were married; he deeply in love with her; she on the rebound from a tragic love affair. Both of them were loved and loathed by their fellow MP’s; he the Bollinger Bolshevik; she his Lady Macbeth, the dark angel at his shoulder. Life together unfolded through the desolate war years, the trials of founding the NHS, and the vicious internal feuds of the 1950’s. But as it did so their love deepened and matured. This is the story of a partnership that became one of the outstanding political marriages of the twentieth century. 


This is the story of NYE & JENNIE.



Shortlisted for Best Playwright in the English

Language for Nye & Jennie -

Wales Theatre Awards.




Produced by Aneurin Leisure and

Theater na nÓg / Cynhyrchiadau TNN Productions.

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